Brazier ordinary, Wolverhampton

In the 1880's there were quite a few bicycle makers in Wolverhampton. Most of them offered inexpensive, sturdy bicycles. Nothing wrong with that, but when it comes to identification the are all a bit look-a-like. Look for instance at Devey.  Rudge is the great exception of course. 

One of the mid-range producers was Donald Brazier, owner of the Midland Bicycle Manufaturing Co. The ordinary you see in the pictures still has its makers plate and that's the only reason why the owner was able to identify it. If the makers plate is missing, the step, the combination of parts (step? brake spoon?) could give a clue. 
It's a typical mid-1880's midrange bicycle: hollow backbone and front fork, semi-tubular rear fork, fixed upturned handlebars, Bown Aeolus ball bearings. Saddle is a later (bad) replacement. That's a pity on this very complete and original bicycle. 

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